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Frequently asked questions

What account currencies do you offer?


Available account currencies are USD, EUR, MYR, IDR, THB, VND, KWD, CNY, ZAR, GBP, JPY, NGN, AED. For Standard Cent account we provide USC.

Where can I find my trading account login credentials?


Login is the number of your trading account. You can find it in your Personal Area.You set the password manually when creating a trading account. If you don't remember it, you may change it.

Do you offer swap-free accounts?


We offer Swap-free accounts for all Muslim clients by default.
For Non-Muslim users there are 2 levels of swap-free status:

  • Extended
  • Standard
Extended swap-free
Swaps are not charged for the following instruments/groups of instruments:
  • Forex majors,
  • Forex minors,
  • Forex exotics,
  • Crypto, Indices,
  • Stocks,
For all other instruments: swaps will be charged according to the contract specification. Standard swap-free
For all instruments, swap will be charged according to the contract specifications.
You can check your swap-free level in your Personal Area.

What is your AML policy?


Anti-Money Laundering policy means preventing the use of the Company's services for the legalization of illegally gained funds. According to the AML policy, you need to withdraw the deposited amount using the same method that you used for making a deposit.

How to verify my Identity?


For identity verification one of the following documents has to be uploaded:

  • a copy of the first page of a local or international passport,
  • your ID,
  • copy of driver's license.
The document's copy has to be in high-resolution, where the photo and the signature are clearly seen. The indicated documents must be valid at least 1 month from the filing date.